Sep 12, 2010

Come Play Let’s Pretend

1.      Let’s assume that an agreement is signed between Israel and the Palestinians, just as the Israeli leftists would like to see it, complete with a signing extravaganza on the White House lawn just as Obama wishes.
2.      Let’s assume that a few months later there are free democratic elections in Palestine supervised by international observers headed by Jimmy Carter or Tony Blair.
3.      Hamas will win those elections and will take over the government of Palestine, including command of the Palestine security “police” who have been so well trained by the Americans.  This is not “pretend”; this is what will happen, based on the democratic elections in Gaza and Iraq.
4.      How long will it take before kassams, mortars and missiles are fired from Hamas Palestine into Israel, just as they are from Gaza?  Their potential targets will include Ben Gurion Airport.  Again this is not “pretend”.  This is what will happen.
5.      What will the Israel government let our armed forces do about it?  Not very much, based on experience.  Just about what they do in Gaza.
6.      This situation will continue until it becomes unbearable and a major war breaks out, in which the IDF reoccupies Palestine at an enormous cost in blood and treasure.
7.      This will be the inevitable result of the agreement the Israeli leftists and Obama want.  Anyone who refuses to see this is still playing let’s pretend.

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